Analysis, consulting, realization


30 years of PROSTER experience allowed us to create an impressive knowledge base in the field of industrial processes.

As leaders in the field of electrical engineering and industrial automation, we offer our experience to clients who want to improve their production plants and operate more effectively and efficiently.  

  1. Analysis
    • audit of the temporary balance of the production process
    • observation of hidden potentials

  2. Consulting
    • presentation of the concept of organizational changes
    • the implementation of budget offer and rate of return calculation

  3. Realization
    • carrying out a modification project or new production means
    • implementation, employee training, maintenance


  • minimizing costs
  • improving competitiveness and results
Analiza, doradztwo, realizacja


The most common problem in organizations is the standard approach to the task. Using services of external company allows you to look at the issue from a wider perspective.

Thanks to the organized (audited) vision, we determine which areas of production we are able to optimize.

Our consultants, together with a team of engineers, carry out a thorough analysis of the Client's problem or production process

Examples of tools:

  • SWOT analysis
  • Ease & Effect matrix
  • Risk analysis, risk matrix
  • bow Tie Model
  • KPIs
  • SIPOC diagram, RA (S) CI matrix
  • process mapping

The analysis allows to eliminate errors, reduce production costs, improve ergonomic position, find hidden potentials, and improve the company's image.



After the analysis, we appoint people responsible for the project, schedule and main objectives of the project. At this stage, we agree with the client about the planned solutions.

We determine the price level of the project.

Usually, we provide the client with concepts for organizational change. The consultation also includes the implementation of the budget offer and the calculation of the rate of return.

We provide the opportunity to simulate the application together with the presentation of the time results of a given process.



After making an in-depth analysis of the process and determining the details of its improvement, we proceed to the final stage - implementation. At this stage, an accurate design of the planned solution is created, implementation, employee training and an additional service of temporary maintenance.

  • design-modification or new production means
  • implementation, employee training, maintenance

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