We are socially responsible company operating in accordance with the principles of ethics, integrity, openness to other people. We try not only to set a good example, but also support organizations and people who undertake initiatives aimed at the development and education of the society or those who need help.

Main areas of social responsibility

Human rights and employee rights

  • We respect the international standards of employees in the workplace,
  • We operate in accordance with the Labor Code,
  • We support equality,
  • We provide employees with all necessary tools to perform work,
  • We care about the competence delopment of each employee

Health and safety

We organize regular trainings for our employees in the field of health & safety at work, noting differences in health and safety regulations of different countries around the world. This is extremely important considering the fact that we are working in an increasing number of countries where regulations differ dramatically. We also encourage our employees to discuss and exchange experiences in this area. In addition to theoretical preparation for the trip, they are also familiar with practical tips for working in particular region.


Environmental protection

We run the "Green Office" project, which involves saving land resources as well as segregating waste that can be recycled. Our employees also care about the responsible usage of resources on construction sites thus contributing to the protection of the natural environment as well as to significant savings for customers.

Disposal of toxic waste

We regularly utilize toxic waste in dedicated places. We have documents confirming utilization.

Trading partners sharing our values

The suppliers and customers of our company are selected taking into account not only the pricing policy, the quality of materials and services, but also paying attention to their values ​​and the level of social responsibility.

Support for people in need

We understand that there are many people who need external support, which is why we help by providing regular support for foundations.

  • Fundacja Dzieciom „Zdążyć z Pomocą”
  • The "Hot Heart" Foundation
  • Foundation for the Disabled "Słoneczko"

Help local communities

We support local social, educational, artistic and sports initiatives

  • Preschool Olympic Games "Skrzaty na start"
  • The Memory of the Victims of Road Accidents Stanisława Chudyby
  • Activities  organized at the Library and Conference Center
  • Children's Chorus "Seed of Hope"
  • Club "Okocim Sports Club"
  • Boxing Club "Magic Boxing"
  • Sports Club "Jakub"

We support the local budget

  • We pay taxes locally
  • We participate in meetings and discussions with local authorities

We support most needed

  • Summer camps for children from poor, large and dysfunctional families
  • Treatment and rehabilitation of sick people

We support events and ceremonies in the region

  • Brzesko Days
  • Chleb Feast

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