Design of new as well as upgrades of existing electrical and power installations

  • power installations and installations of electricity distribution
  • general-purpose electrical installations, control, measurement installations, power installations, technological process installations
  • pneumatic control installations
  • lighting installations
  • fiber optic and teletechnical installations (assembly, welding, measurements)
  • lightning protection, smoke and fire protection installations, pipeline heating
  • teletechnical installations, emergency and evacuation lighting
  • installation of potential equalization
  • installations in potentially explosive areas
  • design and assembly of medium and low voltage switchgear up to 4000A
  • designs, execution and assembly of control cabinets
  • assembly of transformers, rail bridges, medium and low voltage cables
  • SZR systems, power generators, wireless power supply
  • assembly of industrial lines
  • assembly of bottling lines
  • comprehensive assembly of machines and devices of technological process
  • comprehensive relocation of installations and devices of technological process
  • assembly of cable routes, cables, electrical installation equipment, laying of power cables
  • service, repair and maintenance of machines
  • as-built measurements of electrical installations, protective measurements
  • audits and projects of industrial lighting
  • delivery of devices, cables and electrical equipment
  • fire protection of cable entries
  • maintenance services in industrial plants
  • service and maintenance of industrial equipment and installations
  • repair works of production lines
  • modernization of machines and equipment of technological lines
  • outsourcing of equipment / production line maintenance

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