While performing works in the field of electrical engineering in industry, we frequently met with demand of our customers to modernize lighting installation.

This was the result of the growing awareness of entrepreneurs regarding the possibilities of reducing electricity consumption. One of the best methods was the use of a new technology that quickly conquered the market - LED luminaires. We wanted to meet the needs of customers. That is why the  decision was made to establish cooperation with the manufacturer of lighting. As a company providing services at the highest quality level, we also wanted the lighting solutions proposed by us to be in no way different from our standards. Philips Lighting has met our requirements. It is a manufacturer producing a very good quality of products, high innovativeness and, what is extremely  important, a professional approach to the customer in pre- and post-sales service.

In connection with the above, in 2014 PROSTER has started cooperation at level of value added partner with Philips Lighting.

We have become one of several companies in Poland with a high level of partnership and the only one dedicated to clients in the industry. This cooperation allows us to provide our clients with the best available solutions. Cyclical trainings organized by Philips make our specialists have wide and current knowledge in this area. Companies that have chosen our offer are happy to receive services at the highest possible level.

An undeniable advantage of participating in the Value Added Partner program are also preferential prices for the products used in implemented projects. We are able to offer Philips products at very competitive prices.




„Effectiveness of LED lighting confirmed by numerous research.”



Philips Lighting

The company was established 125 years ago. Now it is the largest manufacturer of lighting luminaires and lightning sources.

Philips is also a leader in the implementation of new solutions, which are aan example for other companies operating in this market segment. The company has a wide portfolio of products, allowing to choose the solution for each application. Philips attaches great importance to maintaining high quality. Thanks to that, choosing their products we ensure ourselves peace and long-term trouble-free operation of lamps.

Philips Lighting has several production plants in Poland including the world's largest light source factory in Piła and a production plant for professional lighting fixtures in Kętrzyn. In addition to manufacturing, these plants are concerned with with designing and testing of implemented solutions.


LED technologies

Modern technology provides very good quality light with excellent reduction of electricity consumption.

Its characteristic features are also large possibilities when it comes to the choice of lighting parameters and control systems. A large number of advantages caused its rapid development and  evident increase in customer interest. Along with the popularization of LED technology, a drop in prices can be observed with a systematic increase in energy efficiency. The market leader is Philips Lighting, which is constantly working on the development of its products. LED solutions are becoming a standard both for business and individual clients.




Wide variety of products causes we are able to select solution for every customer.

We have products dedicated to various areas of industrial plant in terms of functionality. The advantage is also their division into various price categories.
We can tailor the offer flexibly to both technical requirements and budget of the client.


PROSTER focuses mainly on delivering solutions for:



Production halls

Luminaires are highly hermetic, highly efficient and long life. Possibility of controlling the power of luminaires depending on the quantity of daylight gains popularity nowadays. It also causes additional saving of energy.


Warehouse halls

High spaces where key is adequate distribution of lighting stream. In the warehouse halls with stillages or designated replacement poles, motion sensors are frequently used.



Here, both aesthetics and light parameters are very important. The luminaires can neither blind employees nor cause discomfort.


External lighting

Apart from the street luminaires, also floodlights installed on the elevation area are used. In case of floodlights installation, the usage of pillars is not necessary.


Ornamental lighting

Used to emphasize the representative places. Apart from white light, some customers expect lighting adjusted to the colour of their logo or any other lighting in accordance with the vision of architect.


Other applications, specialist lighting

In some areas it is necessary to suggest emergency lighting, anti-explosion lighting or resistant to high temperature lighting.

Lighting of storage hall in Wrocław

How we work


How we work

Every customer has different requirements when it comes to lighting properties, lamp's technical parameters, financial possibilities. Each client has also different infrastructure, different type of production and space. The implementation of lighting solutions requires an individual approach. It ensures optimal selection of solutions that fully meets the client's needs.

The preparation of comprehensive offer contains usually the following steps:


Initial customer guidelines, accessing materials

This information IS necessary to get acquainted with the project, to prepare suitable questions and to prepare documentation for the needs of visiting the plant.



Audit, initial visiting of the plant

Meeting with the client, discussing his needs in detail. Site inspection, information gathering, accurate measurements, photographic documentation.


Simulation, project, choosing solutions

Basing on collected materials and conversations with the client we analyze which lighting products are most suitable. We carry out accurate simulations using specialized applications. An executive design is being prepared



Price list

After consultation and a client's acceptance of our proposals, a price offer is presented.



After the investor's decision to start cooperation, we begin the implementation process. Typically, a work schedule is developed to control the project.


We have a group of qualified and experienced employees. Our advantage over many companies is the possibility of comprehensive implementation of the above tasks. Technical departments develop the concept of modernization and design. The implementation department efficiently performs the assigned tasks. The scope of works, in addition to lamp replacement, often includes the changes in  electrical installation, supply of switchgears, implementation of a modern control systems, emergency and evacuation lighting installations, staff trainings.

It is worth to mention that in addition to technical issues we also have tools to support financial decisions.
At the client's request, the offer includes a calculation of the payback period, a proposal to finance the investment and information on the possibility of returning some of the costs incurred.




dla lidera dystrybucji książek

Dla lidera dystrybucji książek na polskim rynku dostarczyliśmy ponad 1800 opraw oświetlenia ogólnego marki Philips.

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We encourage all companies interested in modernization or extension of the lighting installation. Our pricing is free and non-binding. It can be valuable material for developing investment plans and setting budgets.

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