PROSTER is 30 years old

On September 5, 2015 at the Goetz Palace in Brzesko the celebration took place, during which we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Proster Company.

PROSTER is 30 years old


The participants of the gala were, among others, representatives of the City and Commune Governments with the Mayor Grzegorz Wawryka, Representatives of the Guild of Various Crafts Kazimierz Kural, Ludwik Cyga and Eugeniusz Kopacz, Chairman of the District Council Kazimierz Brzyk, Representatives of the Clergy, Delegates of Polish and foreign companies with whom Proster cooperates, Representatives of Local Institutions, including Mrs. Director of the Municipal Culture Center Małgorzata Cuber as well as Employees and their Families.

We were welcomed at the charming Goetz Palace. There were 325 people who were welcomed by orchestra conducted by Mr. Wiesław Porwisz. Also photographers encouraged the guests to immortalize their image in a photo on such a special day.

The first official part of the celebrations began with the participants' greeting by the master of ceremony, then the President of the Company, Wiesław Pukal, along with his son Jacek took the floor.

"We are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the enterprise that I started, but without effort many of you, it would have been no celebration at all. I mean, of course, PROSTER employees, contractors and family, because it all started with a family company and PROSTER is still a family company. Together, we are co-creators of success, which is our position on domestic and foreign markets (...) We measure the achievements of PROSTER by  the presence on the construction sites of many countries in the world, from European countries, through South America, Africa and the Far East. We also measure it with opinions about the quality of contracts performed as well as confirmed by permanent cooperation with such respected Western companies (...) I would especially like to thank PROSTER team. (...) without your knowledge, competence, dedication and hard work, our COMPANY's success would not be possible. (...) I thank my friends and supporters of my company. All those who have come across PROSTER over the past thirty years have helped and mitigated our activity. (...) ".

After the speech of the President, whose words perfectly expressed the character, strength and his satisfaction of the Proster Company, the video about the company was shown. I must admit that it evoked great admiration of the viewers.

We continued our jubilee celebration in good moods.A surprise prepared by the team organizing the gala was the awarding of "Prosters". From among such a numerous team of Proster, we selected 12 employees and handed them "Prosters" with suitably selected joke titles. There were many tributes here - in the form of a statuette from employees for the most important celebrities of the evening, the creators of Proster, Zofia and Wiesław Pukal. The statuette was given by the employees who worked longest time in the company: Anna Kudła and Tadeusz Gałat. There was incredible joy and tears of emotion. Guests also joined wishes and congratulations. The official part ended with the performance of artists from the Municipal Cultural Center in Brzesko. The artistic program was attended by: Katarzyna Szlachta, Olga Rudek, Małgorzata Nawrot and Waldemar Pączek. The programme was prepared by Ewelina Stępień.

Galeria: Firma PROSTER istnieje już 30 lat Dowiedz się więcej


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